User Select

Style syntax for controlling whether the user can select text.

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Overview [sr-only]

user-select:valueuser-select: value; -webkit-user-select: value
user-select:alluser-select: all; -webkit-user-select: all
user-select:autouser-select: auto; -webkit-user-select: auto
user-select:noneuser-select: none; -webkit-user-select: none
user-select:textuser-select: text; -webkit-user-select: text

Conditionally apply

Apply styles in different states using selectors, media queries, etc.

<div class="user-select:auto:hover user-select:auto@sm user-select:auto@dark user-select:auto@print"></div>
User Drag

Style syntax for controlling whether the user can drag element.

Box Decoration Break

Style syntax for setting how an element's fragments should be rendered when broken across multiple lines, columns, or pages.

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