Text Decoration Line

Style syntax for setting the kind of decoration that is used on text.

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Overview [sr-only]

text-decoration-line:line|text-decoration-line: line
text:nonetext-decoration-line: none
text:underlinetext-decoration-line: underline
text:overlinetext-decoration-line: overline
text:line-throughtext-decoration-line: line-through

Conditionally apply

Apply styles in different states using selectors, media queries, etc.

<div class="text-decoration-line:underline:hover text-decoration-line:underline@sm text-decoration-line:underline@dark text-decoration-line:underline@print"></div>
Text Decoration Color

Style syntax for setting the color of decorative lines on text.

Text Decoration Style

Style syntax for setting the style of the decoration line that is used on text.

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