Max Height

Style syntax for setting the maximum height of an element.

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Overview [sr-only]

max-height:size / max-h:sizemax-height: sizerem
max-h:fullmax-height: size%
max-h:fitmax-height: fit-content
max-h:maxmax-height: max-content
max-h:maxmax-height: max-content
max-h:3xs / max-h:360max-height: 30rem
max-h:2xs / max-h:480max-height: 37.5rem
max-h:xs / max-h:600max-height: 48rem
max-h:sm / max-h:768max-height: 52.125rem
max-h:md / max-h:1024max-height: 64rem
max-h:lg / max-h:1280max-height: 80rem
max-h:xl / max-h:1440max-height: 90rem
max-h:2xl / max-h:1600max-height: sizerem
max-h:3xl / max-h:1920max-height: 120rem
max-h:4xl / max-h:2560max-height: 160rem

Conditionally apply

Apply styles in different states using selectors, media queries, etc.

<div class="max-h:full:hover max-h:full@sm max-h:full@dark max-h:full@print"></div>

Style syntax for setting an element’s height.

Max Width

Style syntax for setting the maximum width of an element.

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